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The mission of the With Love Soup Kitchen (WLSK) is to provide 5000 free, healthy, nutritious and appetizing meals for homeless individuals and families, and the working and non-working poor of Harare within a year. Every person who comes to us for assistance is welcomed, without regard to race, sex, age, color, religion, national origin, handicap, or income. To this end, WLSK wishes to provide a hot meal once weekly and an emergency food bank for people in crisis.

“A united and strong community not only meets its members’ basic needs but also works to create long-term solutions to their problems. By Providing people with enough to eat as a start we will be enabling them to envision a better future for themselves.”

Program Short-Term Success

WLSK's programme short term success is in its ability to increase its supply with demand.  WLSKwill offer free food weekly to the food insecure of Harare. The programme will be implemented as the need increases with the target population. WLSK willrescue food from various sources as well as donations.  This alone is a great short term success. This recued food will provide an almost endless variety & amount for WLSK to provide to its guests on a daily basis.  This rescued food will not only provide variety and good nutritional benefits but will also give the WLSK guests a slice of normal in their crazy worlds.  Having a variety of food gives guests a sense of power through choice and they feel special in being able to select favourite foods.

Program Long-Term Success

The ultimate change or long term success that results from this food programme is that the food insecure of Harare can receive basic food in a consistent, safe and nutritious manner.

We can always use new volunteers to help out with particular tasks; for example:

  1. Drivers - Pick up and Deliver food from various sources; provide your own vehicle; one day each week for about 2-3 hours. Training provided.
  2. Cleaners - Clean up one day each week for about 1 hour.
  3. Cooks - Willing to cook either at the location or bring dishes from home one day each week
  4. Kitchen Help - We always need substitutes willing to come in on relatively short notice. And we occasionally need replacements for those who can no longer volunteer due to any number of reasons.


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